14 10 16
Viscom Frankfurt 2016 - 2-4 November

Orbitvu is going to exhibit its technology at Viscom Frankfurt 2016. International trade fair for visual communication is a great place to present our solutions: Alphashot XL PRO LED and Alphashot 360.

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21 09 16
Investment agreement

Orbitvu is glad to inform that on 21st of September 2016 the company acquired an investor - investment funds managed by TFI Capital Partners S.A.

We are convinced that this cooperation will hugely impact further development of Orbitvu and strengthen its position in the global market.

13 09 16
eShow Madrid - 21-22 September 2016

The last stop in our September schedule is in the capital of Spain, Madrid. At the event (eShow Madrid scheduled for 21-22 September 2016), we will present some examples of our wide range of automated product photography solutions.

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29 08 16
Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference in Cologne - 14-15 September

Among many trade events in our September schedule there is also one in Germany. Orbitvu is going to take part in Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference in Cologne, (14-15 September). It is one of the biggest ecommerce conferences in the world, with over 950 exhibitors on the list and over 50 000+ visitors.

Apart from reaching to our customers, the fair in Cologne would be an exceptional event for the world of automated product photography. During the show we are going to show our latest innovation, which is Alphashot XXL. 

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26 08 16
Paris Ecommerce Expo - 12-14 September

Digital commerce enthusiasts and professionals are again gathering in Paris to participate in the Paris Ecommerce Expo (12-14 September.) 

Orbitvu’s mission is to provide solutions improving the online product experience and content production through automated product photography so it is the place to be for us!

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19 08 16
The 58th Bangkok Gems&Jewelry Fair

Meeting both present and future customers from around the world is crucial for Orbitvu. This is why we decided to travel around the globe to attend various trade events related to ecommerce. 

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16 08 16
September 2016 - London, and Birmingham

Orbitvu’s mission is to provide solutions for ecommerce companies. Meeting our customers is always an important experience for us.  This is why we attend so many trade events around the world.

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14 06 16
SINGAPORE 21 - 24 July 2016 - where jewellery meets photography

At the end of July Orbitvu will take part in a trade event in Singapore. Our Alphashot Micro device will be all the rage during the show!

One of the world’s most anticipated jewellery shows will start in just a month. The event will take place in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands.

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19 05 16
ECOM EXPO'16 - Moscow 25-26 May

In a few days, ecommerce enthusiasts from Eastern and Central Europe would meet in Russia’s capital, Moscow at the biggest ecommerce event in that part of the world. The event is scheduled for 25 and 26 of May (Sokolniki Congress and Exhibition Centre).

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12 05 16
Le Salon du vin de Paris – 20-21 May

In just a few days, wine business from all around the world will gather in one place, which is Paris. The capital of France will host a big event between the 20th and the 21st of May: the 10th edition of Le Salon du vin de La Revue du vin de France.

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22 04 16
E-commerce Berlin EXPO

It’s the third time that sunny Mexico City is opening up its gates for all e-commerce and digital technology enthusiasts! The big event is scheduled for 19 and 20th of April.

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14 04 16
eShow Mexico 19-20 April

It’s the third time that sunny Mexico City is opening up its gates for all e-commerce and digital technology enthusiasts! The big event is scheduled for 19 and 20th of April.

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01 04 16
Katowice X eCommerce fair

Welcome to the largest event for online sellers in Poland. A venue where in one place gathers all e-commerce, ORBITVU cannot be missed. At our stand we will present Alphashot micro, Alphashot 360 and Alphashot XL. See how to achieve a totally new level of e-commerce from ORBITVU.

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11 03 16

Amber is a stone of extraordinary beauty. And owing to Alphashot micro, its beauty can finally be grasped in its entirety. See for yourself on 16 to 19 March during the 23rd International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones. We are waiting for you in Gdańsk!  

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11 03 16
8A Fiera dell'eShoe in Barcellona

The 8th edition of eShow in Barcelona is approaching! It is an exceptional event where the major e-Commerce trends of the coming months can be seen – our products will be one of them! Check out the possibilities of Alphashot Micro, Alphashot 360 and Alphashot XL on March 16-17 in Barcelona!

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02 03 16
Fiera Internazionale del Gioiello - Hong Kong 2016

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is a jewel in the crown of world jewellery fair. We could not allow such an exceptional event to take place without our diamonds: Alphashot Micro, Alphashot 360 and Alphashot XL, thanks to which highest quality product photos became possible.

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01 03 16
Internet World fair - Monaco 2016

Internet World fair is taking place in Munich under the slogan ‘The Future of e-Commerce’. During these two days Alphashot micro, Alphashot 360 and Alphashot XL will prove that this future belongs to them.

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10 03 15

ALPHATABLE - the new product from ORBITVU is being launched.

Our brand new ALPHATABLE device's premiere took place on PTAK EXPO FASHION fair in Lodz, Poland.

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09 03 15

ORBITVU will exhibit at the „Internet World“ trade fair this year. The show takes place in Munich from 24th until 25th March.

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01 03 15

Never stop improving!

Our R&D department constantly looks for best solutions and components to improve our products quality.

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05 02 15

Spring Fair International è uno dei maggiori eventi internazionali ed in UK per gli acquisti al dettaglio . Si possono incontrare i più importanti brand e verificare le nuove tendenze..

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27 12 13

We created world`s first automatic photo studio for professional jewellery photography.

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22 11 13

We have created the world's first project embodying the ideas of total sales, also called the sale of 360 degrees. FUTURE SHOPPING integrates all sales channels: retail, e-commerce, mobile commerce and offline.

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27 10 13

ORBITTOUR to interaktywny przewodnik po produkcie, wirtualny sprzedawca dostępny dla e-Klienta przez 24h, 7 dni w tygodniu.

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05 10 13

ORBITVU, one of the most innovative Polish companies, the leader in automated product photography and "online product experience" technologies - began its expansion into the markets of the former Yugoslavia
ORBITVU`s activities in Slovenia and in the markets of neighboring countries was officially opened on Lubljański Castle on 2 October. 

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21 08 13

Dj`s live act, open air tarrace party and Orbitvu Product Teleporting Show. Everything so close to Check Poin Charlie - the most famous crossing between West and East Berlin.

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02 03 13

We have been invited by the Polish Government to the narrow group of the most innovative Polish companies which will represent Poland during the world`s most important fairs of technology and innovation - CeBit in Hannover (Germany).

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